Shop Perfect Cowboy Belts to Complement Your Western Wardrobe

Shop Perfect Cowboy Belts to Complement Your Western Wardrobe

If you’re a cowboy or a cowgirl, you know how important a good Western belt is to your overall look. A good, snug-fitting leather belt keeps your pants in place and coordinates with all your other Western gear for a polished look.

But if you’re looking for the perfect western belt, you have to look beyond the leather and buckles. Here are a few tips to help you shop for the right belt for you:

Leather Belts

Western boots and hats are essential pieces for the cowboy or cowgirl on the go, but a well-fitting belt can be an equally stylish accessory that ties your outfit together. At shop cowboy belts, we offer a wide selection of leather belts made with rugged leather from top makers like Nocona and Ariat.

When shopping for a new belt, it’s important to consider the leather type and grade. These options determine how hard and long-lasting your belt will be. Choose full or top grain to get a durable strap that’s built to stand up to heavy wear.

The most common animal hides, such as cowhide and goat, are sturdy, soft, and breathable for comfortable Western use. Exotic options, such as ostrich or caiman crocodile, are more expensive but more luxurious. Many of these exotic leathers have pockmarks and scaling patterns that add texture to your look.

Silver Belts

Get the cowboy look with a stylish silver belt that fits your fancy. The best belts come from the brands that know what they’re doing, including Ariat, Tony Lama and Blazin Roxx. Those who want to stand out from the crowd will appreciate the quality and selection of these one-of-a-kind Western attire pieces. Shop by occasion and theme to find the right belt for your next rodeo, ranch or shindig. You’ll also find plenty of accessories that complement your wardrobe. From belt buckles to a gizmo a la mode, you’ll be sure to find the perfect accessory for your look. The best part is that you can order your new belt online without leaving the house! Be prepared to turn heads with a stylish belt and matching buckle from one of these quality makers.

Brass Belts

Brass belts are a popular choice for men and women because they have an attractive patina that adds character. Available in a variety of colors, brass belts are durable and tarnish-resistant.

Pewter is another popular metal for Western buckles because it is a tarnish-resistant, silver-toned alloy that contains tin mixed with copper or antimony for durability. Pewter also is a very malleable metal, making it easy to create complex designs.

Plate-style belt buckles are large, decorative pieces that feature bold cowboy or Western designs on the front. They are often detachable and can be customized to suit your style preferences.

At shop cowboy belts, we carry brass buckles in several different shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs. Choose a frame buckle to go with a dressy belt or a box frame buckle for casual, webbed belts. We offer these in a range of finishes including nickel plated brushed, nickel plated bright, antique brass and chrome plated.

Custom Belts

Men’s Western clothing isn’t complete without a quality cowboy belt to match. Not only does a good belt complement the rest of the outfit, but it also acts as an accent piece that showcases the wearer’s unique style.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to personalize your next leather belt and buckle. From custom engraving and gemstones to figures and images, there are many choices to choose from. Choosing the right custom made belt will take a little patience and research on your part. However, you’ll be rewarded with a well-crafted piece of clothing you’ll love wearing for years to come. With so much choice available, you’re sure to find the perfect belt and buckle for your lifestyle. You may even decide to take a shot at designing your own. There are plenty of online tools to help you get started, including our easy-to-use belts and buckles order form. It is an excellent way to create a one-of-a-kind item that’s sure to be a conversation starter!